Sunday, August 06, 2017

Dear Helen Fisher, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

excellent talk.    -but your work is incomplete.   if time/circumstance allow..  study 'romantic love'


heterosexuals who are choosing not to have children.

gays/lesbians.. (spectrum)  who may or may not adopt children or have their own.

 couples who fall in 'romantic love' but who are past child bearing age.

senior couples/widowers who have already raised children; fall in 'romantic' love, but have no interest in more children

dysfunctional couples, where one has an addiction, or is abusive in one form or another to the other.


my point being:   'romantic love' is not Darwinian.    it is not exclusive and only sometimes inclusive to 'reproduction'

... mate selection...   which yields, 'romantic love'   but not offspring...

mutual vs. unrequited 'romantic' love...      instant vs. belated...  slow growing..

study that.  research that.     -get back to (me!).

with respect, and curiosity      /and obvious bias against the oft' used, but rarely accurate Darwinian world view



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