Sunday, August 13, 2017

steady diet of documentaries, shows, movies and interviews.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

botany of desire   -loved it.   -obviously cannot help but see diversity within human-beings as originating, evolving and serving up the exact same life saving traits as the apples example..   and monoculture of anything, as being more vulnerable for the exact reasons learned/shared...    and easy to see humans as a part of nature vs. a~part..   but separate and distinct, in that we can observe/assess/self-govern our own innate instincts
I will watch this one again

"thank you!" to greg zollars:   finding vivian maier   -obviously; loved it!   and thought here and there about how...           how I've written/tried to express:   every fake flower has authentic roots..

without being specifically suspicious to this film..    only to note:

at one time, it authentically happened:

* an unknown artist; and then the previously unknown artists work becomes ridiculously valuable in the marketplace posthumously     -and then the path, the steps, the formula for that success is  appropriated...

and once a system/path/formula is identifiable..   it is replicated exponentially, (change only artist, type of work, time/place)   so as time passes it becomes harder and harder to distinguish real from fake.. authentic from appropriated...

and this applies to artists themselves; and their work; and the path itself; to success...

and to anyone giving testimonies...

/side note:  so recently exposed to what I think was an authentic...    where a woman cheated on her husband, and then was blackmailed..    and the blackmailer person profited quite a bit..  

but then,  -this path:    intentionally manipulating spouses toward a downfall for the profit...

it is exhausting..    unless you have the spiritual gift of discernment

   -when so n' so [insert famous person] had an (authentic) car accident  [got married/got divorced]; an onslaught of media attention..        so, the path for getting a lot of quick media attention....


I still care if things are real or not...


maudie:   -loved it!   and will remember how...   utterly....   quiet....     long periods where there was no music playing softly in the background, or loudly in the foreground    -quiet scenes...  silence..

I'm pretty sure that was a first for me..    and it was brave! of the movie makers..    so counter-culture..

and a treat for me.. because I think ive mentioned before...   music in the background of any and every scene..  my consistent exposure to that, has made it so that, sometimes I hear music in real life when people are walking in and out of doors, or I think...   gosh you need some music..

anyway, it was so quiet..   it felt wrong, like a dishonorable thing to do,  to eat or drink anything during those scenes and interrupt the silence.   I ate my popcorn much slower..   just one or two at a time, and I let my saliva soften them before I started chewing to reduce the noise factor..

and no way for me to know, what part authentic/accurate; what part Hollywood, creative license..  but I sure liked the cast, the life stories, the arch/evolution of the relationships...  and the evolution of their residence most of all, from bland/bleak to true colors..         artists are to empty walls and windows as sound is to letters..


happened across tom hanks..  talking about talking to the real life people he portrays in movies:

"i'm  going to be wearing clothes you've never worn, going places you've never been, and saying things you've never said...  "    -but he is after the 'essence' of the person...

and I like to think, I have witnessed the essence of maud..   her spouse..    her family/friends..

and hope, I will see, the 'essence' of Jeannette walls..   and each person portrayed in the glass castle..


its been years since I've seen any 'inside the actors studios'  but..   incredibly similar on Netflix now:

Hollywood masters..    and to watch Julia louis dreyfus       -they should be seen as a double feature..  her interview on each show..  God bless her for repeating stories, and answering questions as if everything was fresh and new...   a very generous spirit.   charm and energy unwavering...

they should all be seen as double features; back to back; side by side..  anyone interviewed by james lipton, and currently by host of Hollywood masters...

 -that would be its own lesson, very valuable lesson about acting..

 not only does my memory prevent me from acting; not only my total lack of any talent/gifting in that area,    -but honestly,

I don't want to tell even a good story twice in one day...    i'd rather just record something, and then hand given person a recording and go,

"here..       I've already answered that one...  


speaking of masters...

 endears me further to Stephen Colbert..    interviewing the already over-interviewed celebrities in fresh, creative, enchanting, engaging and entertaining ways     -plus,  there have never been more intelligently~funny monologues by anyone..

which brings me to    -even higher appreciation levels, because I also happened across a new program where actors are interviewing other actors..       and, it felt like...     i'll tell you how fabulous you are, and now its your turn to tell me how fabulous I am..     so dripping with obligatory ego-strokes and blatantly lacking anything of value/interest..

where is my Charlie rose..      he could save you!     /and I pictured him as an interviewing super hero, leaping in through the window, like Spider-Man..    looking into the camera and addressing the audience,

"...   from the brink of boring...    i'll get this soaring!"

the thing is..    a good interview requires a lot of practice and experience..   just like writing, acting..

when they make it look easy,

its not because it IS easy... its because they've put in a lot of time, effort, energy, practice, mastering the skill..

this point is driven home in Barbara walter's autobiography,  -audition.


In, what if   -Jesus-  were to interview you?    's    name...   amen.


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