Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Congratulations!! Eva Igo!" -from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

..by the time I heard and noticed her, her face was only a few inches away from mine, and her tone and volume all indicated that this was probably the 4th or 5th time in a row she had said my name to try and get my attention


"Oh,"  I said without a smile, "Thank you for bringing me back to this world"

It is why I never text and drive.. or use my phone while trying to do anything else simultaneously. It has a way of consuming your attention, high jacking your brain..    blinding you to visual and deafening you to auditory peripheral stimulus..

It hyper-focuses you

But I was passing time in a waiting lobby at a rent a car place, by researching online via my cell phone whether Eva Igo won the one million dollars and title of best dancer in the world...

I did not get to watch it live and had not had time to even see the recording.

And really, I was not checking to see IF Eva Igo had won, but rather just verify that she had...  

I mean I already knew she would win.  My observations of her performances removed any doubt..

And so..    "what?!?"

and some of the first online postings were all saying pretty much the same thing..    there is a large population of people like myself, who believe she should have won..

And as I've had an opportunity now to watch the recording ..   I know she deserved to win

But, let me get hokie here, and say the cliche, because it is in fact true:

Most importantly:  dance itself has won.

This level of dance, the cultural and stylistic diversity, the choreography, the music, the storytelling,  emotional communication, passion, energy, athleticism,  risk taking,  innovation, creativity,  unique individual and collaborative team expressions...    -the convenient televised access to something so dynamic, entertaining, fascinating, so evolved.. and continuing to evolve write before our very eyes..

Count it among my greatest blessings.. just to be audience to it!

It is to witness one spectacular performance after another; much like the voice..     everyone at this level is already a star
It's spotting the super among the stars..

And for (me!) the light shines brightest..  and so intensely, undeniably, radiantly, consistently through Eva Igo..

I will follow her career.   Way to go Eva!!    Xoxo. Dance on!

In Jesus knows the very source of light's name..   amen!


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