Wednesday, August 16, 2017

THAT DANCE STUDIO by (me!) sandra, tvgp

named because, I had a conversation with an adult at barone's music under the stars..  said person was self-conscious about how they danced, and so remained sitting...

I ache inside when I see self-consciousness preventing people from having fun..   life is too short!

I said with a smile, I said,  "it's now how you move..  it's that you move.."    and filled the person's mind with images of people who would love to dance if they could...   but injuries, or illness, or immobility in form or another prevents...

so when you can...     you should.    but isn't that a lesson on how powerful self-consciousness is..   that it becomes your mind.. your way of thinking that prevents an otherwise perfectly physically  capable body from experiencing the benefits and joy of movement..

I could on and on,

and I will,

when time allows, but for now..

"I have another dream!"        my dancing days are far from over!    you know, do you? that I began dancing at Terry Eastwood's dance studio in Hayward, California..  had the Eastwood family as neighbors...  

and then when my parents divorced, the cost of dance prevented me from continuing classes..

cry, cry, cry..

and then, I taught, as a teenager, dance classes at Anne's Dance Studio, in San Leandro..   short lived,

and then, I co-created Movers & Shakers Dance class, with Kate Barton, and taught creative story telling dance to children out of Pam's Dance Studio in Pleasanton...    -great time!


now..   to understand my next ambition

1) picture a masterpiece painting with great detail..  

2)  now picture, just the colors used in the masterpiece painting, just swirling near each other; something that can be accomplished by a child, low skill level, but the colors look beautiful next to each other...

that is my point!   even if you can't dance like eva igo...    

it is true, that when a group of people move together in unison...   even if they are not doing something at the master level..

it just looks cool to see people moving to music...    together. in sync..

and so,

now I want to conclude my dance teaching career, by opening, THAT dance studio..   where seniors come and enjoy some wine, beer, appetizers..

and we move to music together..  

and it's exercise, and it's FUN!  and it gets people moving...

move if you can.    dance!      performance free...

/by that I mean, not THAT our performances will be free to the public, but rather, there will be no public performances of the dances we create.  we just have fun amongst ourselves.    removing that pressure, adds to the joy!

In Jesus is my eternal dance partner's  -name,    amen!


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