Thursday, August 17, 2017

We've come too far... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the sentiment, shared by (me!), is that having trump as president, (but really, just even having trump running for office..  before he was even...   el

el -lek..

  /I'm sorry, can't even get the word out.    ~nausea.

but the shared sentiment was that we were going backward in time; not continuing to move, painstakingly, slowly, but incrementally, and remarkably, progressively, undoubtedly forward

     his way of communicating inspires flashbacks of the united states   -  pre civil war; pre WWII,  pre womens write to vote; pre equal writes in general...  etc.

and backwards is exactly the direction we seem headed.    unless we do something about it.

protect the progress we've made.   make sure the efforts, lives, legacies of everyone who has fought for the freedoms, equality for all citizens of the united states of America  -are honored; not violated/trampled on by evil hate groups..  societies poison

I can hardly believe, but am forced to believe/recognize

despite the fact it is  2017!!     -we still have this level of ignorance to conquer.



I've been to meetings, shows, homes, outdoor picnics, churches, stores, farmers markets, sporting events, concerts and walks and hikes where the areas are filled with a beautiful variety of people of many different races/nationalities; different ages; different genders, different orientations; different political affiliations, faith systems..

and everyone hangs out in harmony.   mutual respect is common place.

hate and violent and evil free environments and experiences, with large groups of diverse populations..   this represents the lions share of my day to day and week to week and month to month life experiences.

peace and harmony.

which doesn't seem to make the news or sell papers, or make headlines

or increase the revenue opportunities from advertisers seeking air time or print space..


that is also not news is it..      ~same ole story.   different decade.


"this is the day the Lord has made..

I intend to re-Joyce (meyer) and be very glad and grateful in it..."



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