Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The What; not the who or when.. as understood by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the who or when do not factor in.  i can make that part up, because it doesn't matter nearly as much as the what; and i want to respect their privacy also.

focus on the what:  7 or 9 years ago, a person, a friend of mine with mental disorders was taking medication for just that.  -once this person began feeling better and operating well in the world

they stopped taking the medication.   as in, "i'm all better now, so..."

but when they stopped taking the medication; all symptoms returned.   it is in fact true, that this person will most likely be on medication for their entire life.

why people get so upset sometimes about having to take medication for the rest of their life..  -i do understand there are cost issues..  but there seems to be some emphasis on "rest of my life!"

and i say, "but you have to eat for the rest of your life...  you have to sleep...  you have to drink water..  you'll have to use the bathroom...  there is a very long list of things you do in fact have to do for the rest of your life.   I have to wear contacts for the rest of my life.  Cant see well without them, and cant afford the surgery to correct my vision."

but I'm off point.

the point is, when said person continues on the medication said person's quality of life is   -quality.  and when said person stops; quality of life declines, not only for said person, but everyone within loving distance.    -same with my vision.  if I wear my contacts I can see; If I don't; I cant...

so, i say...   "cheers!"  enjoy your water and medicine and live a good long quality life!


and, it serves as the perfect analogy for (me!), because, for those people reading me for any length of time, you know my quality of life earlier in life was...

-there was no quality; only survival.

and that has changed dramatically.   -and my medicine, if you will:  God, Jesus, Church, The Bible, Prayer...

and the mistake I know not to make, is to say, ".. well, now that i'm better...  i can let those things go"

I know there is a direct correlation, and i need those things everyday! 


In Jesus is my spiritual medicine name!   Hallelujah! & Amen!


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