Monday, July 11, 2016

like, the coolest thing ever!! to someone like (me!) sandra, tvgp

CHECK THIS OUT:   -genius!


and what would be involved in order to get this going write here in pleasanton, california?


..and speaking of genius:

in all my life, ive never witnessed a trend; a craze, as ubiquitous, or with such momentum:


pokemon go.

our entire downtown area was populated with participants; easy to spot..

from the sidewalks, I would say, "pokemon go?"

and everyone I asked said, "yes"

according to my nephew, one of the jokes is how many years, commercials, public appearances, etc. First Lady Michelle Obama has invested in trying to get kids outside and exercising; to walk..

and most of her efforts have been in vain

while pokemon go, in under 30 minutes, and on one launch day, 

got them out in masses!

this is no exaggeration.  I am a witness.


are there caveats; cautions; fallouts; etc.   -yes.    -of course.  always.

but the results; the new incentive/motivation employed is a huge success!   they have un-bored and reached and motivated the unmotivatable...

it is the language and more importantly, the currency of this video-game generation

"congratulations!"    -genius


"you want to walk to the restaurant?   ive never heard you say such a thing?!   -AND walk home?

what on earth has gotten into you?"


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