Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Heart Seen ... by (nancy lyness!)

... now you can see why she calls Jeff her sweat~heart...    -this the result of a run in half moon bay, and what's not to love about half moon bay..

                /hi squidmann!  hi spike!

   -and a great pleasure for me to learn

(me!), with my how they met stories, found on pleasanton patch.   that these two met write at café main

-home of the best BLT's in all of the tri-valley, i must say..

anyway, they met at café main, in downtown pleasanton five and a half years ago, and will be married next month.   a toast!   "congratulations!"   "... you found your bashert!..."

/it is my experience this does not always happen on the first

.. or second...   or third..  

try.       sometimes there are a series of catalyst...



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