Sunday, July 03, 2016

Unconditionally Loved. a poem by (me!), inspired by (Dr Maya Angelou!)

to the rhythm of phenomenal woman:

Secular people wonder where my secret lies.
I don't have the money or education that eased their corporate rise.
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I pray. 
It's in the fold of my hands
And the bend of my knees
The close of my eyes
In my Thank You and Please
I'm a Christian
Made Wonderfully
Unconditionally Loved,
That's (me!).

I walk tall where I go
Very Confidently
A sweet child of God
Made whole and free
And yes, I notice how they stare at (me!)
I pray.
The light in my eyes
And the real in my smile
The hope in my voice
And unique in my style
I'm a Christian
Made Wonderfully
Deeply Loved.
That's (me!).

Religious Leaders themselves
Question my life-style choices
One prayer to God
Drowns out their voices
I try to show them
Even they can't see
I pray.
It's not in my strengths
But where I'm weak
Not in my know
It's in my ask and seek
I'm a Christian
Made Wonderfully!
Eternally Loved
That's (me!).

And I understand
every tongue will confess
every knee will bend
every head will bow
every heart "amen!"
I pray,
It's your death on the cross
Your RISE from the grave
Your Love for the world
Can free each slave
I pray,
The pain of my truth
And the truth in my talk
Is that its the suffering
That put the Love in my Walk
I'm A Christian
and Deeply
and Eternally Loved
That's (me!).


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