Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ALDEN LANE june 2016. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

 left: alden lane owner, Jacquie Williams-Courtright
write: Shirley..   /training & mentoring me in...

and front & center:  this gorgeous masterpiece in progress, which you can see for yourself at art under the oaks...

Shirley:  "Sandra,  -with all that you can do, why are you here really?"    /like Alex, who interviewed me, she was suggesting i was over-qualified for the position I'm in

(me!): "i really am just waiting for my literary agent and my lucrative contract.."  i said with a smile.

Shirley:  "So, you're going to be leaving us, huh.."

(me!):  "i hope so.. but i promise to give 2 weeks notice!  .. you know, when my single, and handsome literary agent shows up..  "

Shirley:  "oh.. so he's going to be single and handsome too..  you're cute."

and Shirley doesn't know me well enough yet to know that i absolutely do not know how to dream small; only big

so..  not only is my literary agent going to be handsome and single, with a lucrative contract in his hand..

but he's going to be kind, funny, loyal and a Christian too!


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