Sunday, July 10, 2016

"?!?!!!". as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, every other person, my every co-worker on the scene at the time, called this by name. 

have they hung in hotels or homes or decorated restaurants? anywhere ive been, but i just never noticed or inquired?


to my conscious awareness this is my first encounter

"What?!? magnificent amazing plant creature do I behold here?!"

-talk about stealing the show!

i had to take it in.. go closer.. examine.  and why is it here..?

-were the brown, dried leaves a sign of illness?  was it being brought in as a patient?

but it was explained to me.. "thank you!" here to rachel, that the brown dried leaves were no sign of illness at all. -a very natural part of the growth process, and in fact, they kind of fold back into the life of the plant itself and provide necessary nutrients.  they are not to be picked, pruned or removed

as is true for other plants

in order to preserve and lengthen and strenghten their life.    -and how these distinctions have been figured out over time..   

anyway..  it was being brought in because it has outgrown the wire basket it currently hangs in, and it requires a careful transplant by a knowledgeable and experienced

-excuse me, i am new to this vocabulary

horticulture ~ist. (?).

-but the same way you want to meet the proud parent of an animal, or child you admire..   i had to express my awe to the lovely owner

and in fact, several people commented this was the largest of this variety they had ever seen..   and "thank you!" here to robin..

because she told me that these magnificent beauties can even be mounted to wood and thrive without regular waterings/soils..

and im most grateful to have been properly and personally introduced.   im sure they fall in the category

of things i've seen before but never truly noticed

but now will rarely miss.

so, just in case this is your first conscious introduction, allow me please to introduce you:

"my friends, this is staghorn fern.    staghorn, these are my friends"


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