Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Thank You!" for an AWESOME & EXCITING season!!

i agree with anne,  -we should have still had a parade to say "thank you!"


and now, the news has been broken to me, and i felt compelled to break the news gently to my sister also

-remember, we are new-ish authentic fans; having become glued and devoted two years ago

-and watching nearly every game this past season.

and we attach easily.  so, for us.. The Warriors..

The Warriors were the TEAM we came to know..  as in, the exact and actual players on the court, we knew by name, number, face

and magical shot, or assist or rebound or miraculous move..

well, the Warriors, from where we sat

and stood, and paced, and yelled and clapped.. and jumped on the couch..

the warriors were: curry, thompson, green, bogut, barnes, livingston, iguodala, speights, clark, etc.   The people.  The Players.

but I've since learned the Warriors are not the players, but the name.

So, every year or every other year, a new mix of players, while the name and color theme stay the same..

barnes, bogut, iguodala,  -who knows who else; -gone.   and there is much excitement about our

-notice the attachment/ownership

our newest recruit, Durant.

anyway, ive already acclimated, and

but, there is something sad about this reality.  and there shouldn't be.  i mean, a school is a school even as the students come and go..  and the school teams remain school teams even as the players change..   and a place of business remains the same business, even as employees, CEO's, and customers change...


-but we are going to miss and briefly mourn the loss of the specific players and unique combination/collaboration/synergy  that made up the magical team we witnessed this past season..

and then jump write back in and watch and cheer again.

"Thank you!" for the awesome & exciting season. -for the magic and inspiration and pure joy!   Xoxo.


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