Wednesday, January 06, 2016

wine bottle art. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-very! excited to be preparing now, and over the next several months, for what i believe will be:

the most exciting

most well attended


the most profitable!    art event of my life thus far.


this picture is of the wine bottle i created for my mom as a mothers day gift a few years back. the 3 hearts representing her 3 children.  i will be making 12 new designs, each with its own theme for the upcoming event, along with a couple of my photography books, and small variety of mixed media pieces..

but gone now are my 'true days off'. because on every day off from ricks picks I will be working on my art.   -they were beautiful while they lasted, my true days off..  great visits with my mom, family,  -long conversations over coffee with friends..  and glorious hours spent lounging across the sofas at the vine and getting lost in someone else's story for a while..      -great memory of a double feature with my daughter: Brooklyn & spotlight.


maybe! this year..   the oscars at the vine...  I've been wanting to for a good long time.


in Jesus holy & creative name,   -amen!


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