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i - spied a dinosaur (me!) sandra, ttgp

orig post:  6/21/07


so much fun. i'm bursting at the seams anxious to tell my children.

they get in the car; buckle up.

"went on a walk the other day and guess what..." i say with a great big smile

"what?" they say at the same time. then my daughter quick with the "jinx! jinx! double-jinx! no tags back! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! you can't talk unless i say your name!"

jack talks. owes her a coke.

"i-spied a dinosaur in pleasanton! there's a dinosaur right here in pleasanton!" i say all excited.

"a real dinosaur?" jack asks

"can't be real, jack... dinosaurs are extinct" taryn brags

"well... all i know is that i was taking a walk down angela street... and i looked at the pretty, pretty trees, and i looked at the flowers, and i listened to the birds, and i admired all the pretty landscaping, and was, la, la, la, walking, walking down the street, when all of the sudden...

a dinosaur!

i stopped about three houses down. asked myself... am i losing my mind, or did i just see?

then i walked backwards up the hill.

sure enough;

a dinosaur. -hanging out in this one backyard."

"i want to see! i want to see!" they were both shouting, but not sure whether they could take me serious or not

and so we drove along angela street

"keep your eyes out! he's on the right side..."

and quite on purpose, i drove very, very, slowly. pulled over when i had to, to let cars by, then kept driving real slow

"i don't see no dinosaur mommy!" taryn said.

"is there really, really a dinosaur mommy?" asked jack

"keep your eyes out" i told 'em.

then, didn't it just make my whole day to hear them both shouting


and all the rest of the week they told every friend, every neighbor, every passing stranger who would listen

"our mommy i-spied a dinosaur in pleasanton!"

then today

we all i-spied an alien. same street, further up the hill. some tall, black, green-faced creature hanging out on the front porch near the door

"maybe he takes your coat before you walk in?" i suggest, or

"maybe he drinks your blood!"

we haven't decided how to score this yet. bus 10's get 20 points/40 points if it also says sandia. slug bugs (vw's) get 10 points/20 if it's old-fashioned/40 if it's a convertible/40 more if it wears a bra. 4-seater blue audi convertibles (mommy's dream car) 1,000 points. but minus 1,000 if you mistake a 2-seater for the 4-seater (did that today darn it!) wild turkey's (found sometimes along foothill) get 25. we call out, but don't give points for cows, deer, squirrels, birds... that kind of thing; but

dinosaurs? aliens?

they oughta be worth at least two blue convertible audi's and a slug bug with a bra.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger SHE said...

and that was a pain in the mouse gettin those pictures in this post

but they'd both be squished on top if not for tips from my bbf (thanks katherine!)

i published
then went back for each pix, individually
click, drag, drag, drag, drag
-two times-

oh! the labor, the labor! the time and labor!

it was worth it.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger singleton said...

hey, I think I could live in that neighborhood!

I can't do homeowner's associations or any of the sort, love it when people show their true faces,
pink flamingos and all!

p.s. Taryn...what a beautiful name....

At 7:42 AM, Blogger SHE said...

singtome: when i do become a homeowner, i'm commissioning you to come paint something bright and beautiful on my property

and thank you. taryn, to rhyme with grandma sharon, and auntie karin

(under the influence of dr suess)

At 6:58 PM, Blogger SHE said...

gotta love this...

guess who joins me downtown.

you'll NEVER guess, i simply must tell you

KEN (last name starts with an F.. i'll have to look it up)

KEN FARKASH.. see him 3 times a week downtown walking his dog, jacques

if not at coffee beans and bistro, then, walking through the park where we do our outside reading. always says hello.

JUST REALIZED 10 minutes before he walks up tonight, that it's HIS ART: beautiful three dimensional paintings with metal sculpture included -decorating the walls inside coffee beans and bistro. newspaper clipping on the front window showcasing him and his work

who knows how many times i've seen him...

how many times i've seen his art; enjoyed it, studied it

never put the two together.

dot to dot flunky.

gets better though...

talking, talking, listening, learning more about him, his art, painting and SCULPTURE work

and turns out



can you stand it?!?

he's still working on it. creating red high tops with laces out of metal for the feet. will hold a giant size ipod in one hand, an apple in the other

his 6 year old nephew is part of the inspiration. he named it:


we've been invited over to see it up close.

can't wait! -have a plan to further surprise my children...

won't tell them we've been invited. will just pull the car over, and i'll pretend to trespass to get a closer look

they'll go wild with worry

"mommy! what do you think you're doing?!? get back here!"

i'll tiptoe.. tiptoe.. maybe wear all black

oh! this is going to be so much fun

At 7:28 PM, Blogger SHE said...

Artist to show love of animals
in many media

Oakland Tribune, Jun 16, 2006
by Brian Foley, STAFF WRITER

PLEASANTON -- Ken Farkash knows firsthand the travails of being an artist....

At 11:11 PM, Blogger picasso68 said...

You are very flattering. Let me know before you come by and Ill have a surprise waiting for the kids!?!?

At 9:30 AM, Blogger SHE said...

hey ken! -i'm still smiling from the whole thing

pleasure getting to know you better

it is the most difficult thing.. not telling my children i know the dinosaur sculptor. have almost slipped at least six times

what fun! see you soon


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