Saturday, January 02, 2016

The PERFECT match: Ricks Picks & (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, i found myself awkwardly defending my job over the holidays to a small variety of friends and family.  -the reason i have to defend myself, is because the position itself does not pay so well in dollars, no benefits, paid sick or holidays, no retirement, etc.   -all concerns are valid, and i know i can't stay forever, but i sure am in no hurry to leave, and i know no matter what the future holds career wise, my time at ricks picks will forever go down as my favorite, FAVORITE! favorite job!  -ever!  hands down..  there are not even any close contenders.   this will not be in order of importance, just some reasons worth celebrating, mentioning, and expressing gratitude for:

-Rick Hirshberg,  who i refer to as 'the awesome owner/buyer'.   one time in a prior post i mentioned that out of the gazillion males i have met, worked with or for, or just known,  over the course of my whole life, -there are 12 that have earned my respect.  he is one of them.  and turns out his wife and daughter, also really wonderful people.  So I have the great rare pleasure of working for a man I respect and family I admire.   So, it turns out, this is important to me..  that I not only admire/appreciate/respect rick as a buyer..  his talent/gifting/experience at buying very obvious; but as a family man.. a husband, a dad..       -I think especially because I have encountered plenty of men who are successful at business and pathetic at everything else..   -this is a nice treat..   a bonus, if you will..

-I have said many times, and it remains true: I hit the lottery when it comes to coworkers/managers..   everyone I work for and with is creative, positive, collaborative, talented..   and we are all very different, but there is mutual respect and everyone has a strong work ethic.   it is a team environment..  everyone contributing to get the goals met and job done..

-nowhere have I ever had so much creative responsibility and freedom; every working day.  Honestly I feel like I am suppose to  apologize for how much I love and enjoy decorating shelves!  -just yesterday I re-did the glass counter near the register..   wiping an entire area clean..  and a new empty canvas awaits...  Then I get to pull whatever combination of decor pieces I want and arrange them to my artistic taste on several shelves..

-and not only do I LOVE doing this myself, but I equally enjoy watching my coworkers do the same..  Looking at their completed arrangements, artistic choices, fills me up!  -the same fulfillment and inspiration people get from strolling through art galleries and museums, is what I get to enjoy, everyday! Shelf by shelf by shelf..  "Look at that!".   -ricks picks is packed with creative opportunities and inspiration..      /all starts with the buying..

and while I am either creating myself or admiring my coworkers mini masterpieces..  we get to enjoy lovely music in the background ..    Pandora..   perpetually offering customizable music to help our moods and momentum...    -beautiful music; another blessing..

I LOVE also the location: downtown pleasanton.  main street..  7-10 minute commute from where I currently rent a room...   next door to Jaime's bridal, drift, my favorite historic gas station, across from one of my favorite pizza parlors..  Corner of saint Marys and main..  Wonderful! Location...   and I am near to my children and family.

.and being in downtown pleasanton, and being such a fun and funky and also practical and pragmatic store..  we attract the best of customers..  families, singles, locals, tourists..  

these encounters are so REWARDING..  it is not quick and indifferent, we engage in conversations, get to know people, -love when customers share photos of where their Ricks Picks purchases end up in their homes or yards or offices..

and the conversations in this environment are so real and pure.  I do not know what car a given person pulled up in, or what they do, or how much they make..   it is not networking..  it is not fishing..  it is not for any gain..  it is just for the pure pleasure of connecting..   we are not on commission; I don't have to manipulate or impress, or ignore the person who isnt buying a high ticket item..    customer service is very equal...  

Equality in customer service is an area in  which I feel almost custom-made.  an area in which I excel.  I love people, it is my nature to be friendly and caring and helpful..    and it is my very nature to be this way whether said customer buys a pair of earrings or a high end leather sofa..      I do not like the commission based sales experience as a salesperson/employee or as a customer...

the entire relationship/conversation becomes a manipulation..  and suddenly only people with money matter..   and time is money..  so..   gets pretty ugly pretty quick..

i am collaborative not competitive, and I am motivated by creative freedom not money.   -please see 10 years worth of writing for free on this very blog, and! without advertisers...

Ricks picks is casual..  I get to dress casual: jeans, boots, hoodie..   and I consider this a HUGE! asset..   -the thought of suits, slacks, dresses, professional womens attire creates an immediate flight response in me..   "Run! the other way..   /which is hard to do in high heels and fitted business skirts or pants..

and now i do love to dress up on occasion...  but only on occasion, not as a mandatory daily thing...

so, I respect my boss and admire his family; I love my coworkers; I get to be creative and be around creative people; I love the location; I love the customers; I love providing (and receiving) equal opportunity customer service; I love the perpetually changing environment; I love music..  I love dressing casual.. 

I also love creative problem solving..  Re-doing an end cap, or preparing for an incoming shipment, or adjusting for the amount of product that leaves the store..  factoring in the limitations of a racking/pegboard display system..  merchandising actually requires a great deal..  a magnificent amount of on the spot problem solving..    and one of my great strengths is resourcefulness and problem solving..  and using unexpected means and ways to display and merchandise..    Photos are better suited to express this skill...

Variety! Merchandising and customer service, problem solving and resourcefulness, ..   but we also unload trucks, process, price and ticket..   It offers a great variety and!

It is very physical.   It is my place of employment and my gym!  Walking back and forth  -length of a football field, lifting boxes, pushing furniture, hanging heavy art, ladders, stepping stools.. 

I am much better off with physical activity incorporated into my working day than being stuck in a car or cubicle and then going to the gym before or after...

I could go on with even more..  But have a new place to be, so will conclude with just reiterating that I am a perfect fit for ricks picks and it is a heavenly and highly rewarding experience to have my blend of talents/joys/gifts/preferences all tapped into and utilized in this one retail store.   I am forever grateful.

and, I remember once I realized how much joy my blog gave me..   and how restrictive and unjoyful if I turned it into a business..

I decided I need to write for free and make money another way..

funny, but working at ricks picks is the same..   I love it so much I can't give it up..

So I need to make livable wages some other way..

I here announce:

the selling -for profit!-   of my art.   

my mixed media, my photographs.. 

-for a profit!    ..."profit...     

/I may need to repeat this out loud several times a day...

"Yes.. I am selling this gorgeous bottle for....

Do you know what I'm going to do!  I am going to attach my actual bills to various pieces..

-this ...for the cost of my Verizon bill:  $87.43...

-this one.. for one full tank of gas!

In Jesus generous name..  Amen! 


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