Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marlon Brando meet Edward Snowden.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

by this time, i have seen enough and read enough and lived long enough to know..    what i do and do not know; for sure.

so, i won't pretend to know whether or not Edward snowden is a whistleblower, a scapegoat, or a plant, or some hybrid.  the entire subject matter is so layered and so high stakes, so filtered through various media, etc.

but what i do know:  his behavior throughout the citizenfour documentary is authentic to the situation.

he reads authentic in voice, facial expression, tone, behavior.

if i were required to provide evidence for my claim, i would have the jury watch the Marlon Brando documentary, listen to me marlon.

this will at first seem counterintuitive, to observe an actor with the goal of observing authentic behavior, but

just do it anyway.    its a wonderful documentary, but i want to bring your heightened attention to an interview   -perhaps it is midway through:

it is after they show Dr martin Luther king giving his speech.  It is directly after Marlon remembers, and says something like.  'he knew he was going to be killed'

the important thing to note here is, in this particular footage, Marlon is not acting, he is being interviewed, and, the interviewer asks him something like,

"have you ever considered that you might suffer bodily harm yourself?"

-and now observe his reaction to this question.   -the nervous smile.  -prior to answering "yes"

what I know:   -that was not Marlon 'acting' nervous.   that was Marlon 'being' nervous.  

and you see this same expression of nervousness with Edward snowden.  

-now, what i also know:    authentic behavior, or more accurately, people who are authentic, can and will be used by people who know how to leverage and position said people as a chess player knows how to position his pieces.

-so, i won't pretend to know, whether snowden is a pawn..  with the false self-belief he is a whistleblower,

but let us imagine snowden is in fact a whistleblower.  and there is no master chess player with people as pawns..

what I know for sure:   there will be people who will comb through every word, of every sentence that snowden has ever written, said or thought    -with the goal of making certain they can spot the origins of a whistleblower type personality, so that..

well, the NSA will do this in hopes of never accidentally hiring a whistleblower again..

and others will do it, so they can intentionally embed one.


what i also know:   he is correct when he says,  /paraphrasing:

'.. we are the rulers and the ruled; we are no longer the elected and the electorate'

-and his concerns about intellectual freedom are valid.

-as are concerns about terrorism and national security and our need to spy to prevent horrors and tragedies the likes of September 11th, 2001.

the debate is also valid: privacy vs. security.

but i am of the long held belief however, that the debate itself is a bit in vain as advances in technology dictate this one.. 

and we are forced to acclimate.


the most acclimated among us; wink at the cameras and whisper sweet nothings into the air...


At 8:10 AM, Blogger SHE said...

what i also know for sure: actors will study this.. authentic nervous smile reaction and incorporate it in their performances.

what i don't know: -after pausing the Marlon Brando documentary to write this very blog post..

I went to the kitchen counter and my fingers tapped the melody to hanky doodle dandy


At 8:12 AM, Blogger SHE said...

yanky! "Stop Frickin' autoINCORRECTING (me!)!!"

At 1:22 PM, Blogger SHE said...

one more note worth mentioning on Brando movie: during the movie footage where communion is taking place, the background narrative is about the importance of 'myth'

and i found it quite ironic that there was link provided between communion/religion and myth, when the entire documentary serves as great evidence for the myth associated with fame and fortune.


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