Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A toast! " the alcoholic in YOUR family... from (me!) sandra, tvgp

i do not mean to come off brass..  im just lightheartedly acknowledging a common issue for too many families to count.

and while Jesus 2015-ish birthday bash brings out the best in many people,

it brings out the beast in others.   -here is all i know:

not 100% of people who drink alcohol become alcoholics.
but 100% of alcoholics drink alcohol.

i have met people who are alcoholics, and alcohol ruled their lives literally from bottle to grave.

i have met people who are celebrating 35 years of sobriety.

if i were an alcoholic..   i would invest as much time and energy as i could toward learning from, and hanging out with people celebrating sobriety.

even though it is 2015, and we have had, and currently have a gazillion people to learn from: biologically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.   -even with advances in technology and medicine

i still have told my under age children essentially,  "i am very sorry to tell you,  but there is no way to find out whether or not you are an alcoholic until you start drinking..   and isn't that awful!  it seems to me there oughta be a blood test or something by now.."

some advanced way to warn you..  this could save a lot of unnecessary hardship for you, if you are..  and save your family, friends.. everyone within loving distance a lot of grief.

there appears to be no one write way, or one clear path to sobriety.  for some, cold turkey, but not for all

for some, AA meetings and a sponsor and God..

for some, several failures before success..

for some the entire elimination of alcohol in their lives..

and i have also met bar tenders who abstain but who can be around it.

my prayer for alcoholics is as follows.  -to be mastered..  to be a slave to any substance dramatically short changes a potentially remarkable life.   addictions equal really yucky, very painful, dangerous and unfulfilling lives.   -and as you do not live or work in isolation but among others..  your actions also have quite an impact on others

my prayer is that you find the path to healing and freedom that is unique to you.   ~a much more rewarding, much more fulfilling life awaits you.

In Jesus understanding name,  ~amen.


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