Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Mover & Shaker Today! (lisa!)

i have had the pleasure of seeing her mom now and again..  but i haven't seen Lisa since..  -for a long time.  She was one of our Movers & Shakers, when Kate Barton and I taught creative dance in the early 2000's...     and what a gorgeous young lady! -made my day to see you Lisa..   and to learn you are in college..  will be teaching and traveling in your near future..   Mover & Shaker in the world

"Merry Christmas!" and many blessings to your mom, you,  -your family...    "Thank you!" So much for stopping in to say hello

/and check out the picture in prior post from the archives..  not hard to guess which one she is with those beautiful brunette curls...


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