Tuesday, December 22, 2015

OOOOoooooohhh. now it all makes sense. to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Oprah calls it an 'aha' moment..  some call them lightbulb moments..    or, 'it suddenly dawned on me..'

but they are among both the most frequent and most exciting moments of my life..    touch of embarrassment usually mixed with enlightenment, because, well you are crossing over from not knowing to knowing.. 

it is most pronounced when the set up involves someone initially naive, -like (me!),   -and just a little slow to process..   -like (me!)

but it is internally a magical sensation when the bulb lights, or the dawn breaks, or the aha is released...    -im not sure what exactly goes on inside each of us..  dimmer switch? toggle? alignment? cross over? Un-synapse synapses?

but there sure is no denying our internal awareness of...

well, there was the time i travelled to utah ...  it was during my world tour of mag time frame demonstrations on local news programs in distant states

and all i really knew about utah was that it was like the scrapbooking capital of the united states

and scrapbookers were exactly the kind of people who went WILD! for my Mag Time Frames..

and i can't remember now, exactly what lines i was standing in..  coffee shop? ..to see a choir?...

but i do remember chit-chating with different people in line to help pass the time and during one of my earliest conversations

the person i was talking to had gone on a mission...  and i was very intrigued to learn more...    Gods work!

and then later that same day, i talked to another total stranger in line, and it turned out that that person had gone on a mission trip too!   i listened again, very impressed and intrigued..

and then a third person! i talked to..   different place, different time.. but still in utah..

and i think i even really said, 'that is the wildest coincidence..   I've just talk to two other people and they both went on mission trips too!'


i was in my twenties or thirties.. who cares/doesn't matter... 

what does matter is this couple!  they consumed my thoughts for a while..  i had witnessed the two of them, -him successful and handsome, -her beautiful and talented..

at a few different large social gatherings.  -she just had a level of confidence in her man that i had never witnessed..   no matter what temptation of a woman engaged in flirtations with her husband; no threat/no concern/no reaction..

and he was just so casual, so relaxed, and attentive to his wife, in between the other mandatory social visits...

after three encounters, witnessing these two from not so afar, i had concluded they had something really,  -really!- figured out, and i rather wished they might write a book, or give some workshops..

"teach us!"

-later, in a private conversation, and in confidence, i learned that he was gay and they had a sexless marriage; it was only a kind of friendship/convenience thing they had worked out to succeed in the corporate world.

"OOOOoooooh!   now it all makes sense..."

and that is still a book, isn't it.  -they taught me things I've never forgotten..


and "OOOoooh again...  because it just dawned on me

write now, that i have to get ready for work..


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