Thursday, December 24, 2015

You better watch your language. -says (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, clicked on my app for breakfast, and read:

-furcula of a fowl...   and furcula, if i am pronouncing it correctly in my mind, is..   well, it just has that hint of obscenity

".. you grabbed what from where? "

and then to learn it involves two people..

".. yeah..  the furcula..  we both pull at the same time...   and whose evers is bigger wins!"

/i really wish i had this information write before thanksgiving instead of Christmas..

anyway..  furcula is not the word of the day, it is just part of the definition for the actual word of the day: merrythought;

which sounds holy and angelic compared to furcula.

merrythought is not what i guessed..    and you should guess too, prior to "you can look it up yourself..   all You have to do is click around on your phone..

..when I was a child...


but I will tell you this:  it entered the language around the 1600's.

and i immediately started wondering..   -for how long?   -and saw a gravestone in my imagination with the word


1600 - 1850

-because once wishbone entered our vocabularies, merrythought died.  that's what I think.

Oh! i just gave it away..  

but here's the cool thing about the digital world..  and search

-we can much more easily track the birth and death of words, and see their different life spans..

obviously merrythought was a smoker..  


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