Sunday, January 03, 2016

KEN FARKASH.. related posts by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am about to 'undraft' and repost my ken farkash related posts which I did not even realize were still in my 'unpublish' draft archive until I just now put his name in the search bar of my blog.

-when I do this.. Click 'publish'

based on past experience I do not know where they will land..  1. As if posted originally today?   2. In order of original post date?

but I at least have a picture so I can know where they originally were...

My inspiration and purpose.. is a recent article which talks about pleasanton wanting to better support local artist and have some kind of big art related event..

May I tell you..   you had a great! local artist write in the palm of your hands..   who you did not support and who left...

and the very first thing you should do is invite him back.. and give his awesome, fun, very worth celebrating and enjoying dinosaur sculpture a proper home in our city

and! You should now pay double for it.

-most sincerely still yours,   -Sandra, tvgp


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