Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Friends For Life. @ (tenuta winery!). #2 by (me!) sandra, tvgp

my sisters friends were pouring at tenuta winery in Livermore, which created the incentive for a recent visit...

a REvisit!

it is  -from what I'm told, only one of two  -out of over 50! wineries in Livermore owned and operated by a woman:  Nancy tenuta.   and she works in collaboration with her boyfriend/partner of many years:  rich.    -that's him on the far left waving to you..

when rich came out and said hello with a handshake and 'hug.. but not in a creepy way' as he likes to explain.. but in a warm and welcoming way

i said to him, "yes..  I had the pleasure of meeting you ten years ago, at a book release party..   nice to see you again."

and we all ..   that is, anyone who knows me, knows:

the reason I was able to recall and say that, is thank you to this very blog.   #2 on my happy 10 year blogging anniversary to (me!) list of the top ten reasons I love my blog:

external memory storage!

when my sister said tenuta..   it sounded familiar...  most i could come up with was an insecure..  'i think maybe that's where we had a book release for one of the 4th street salon anthologies..'

Ah! but when i typed tenuta in the search bar of my blog:


and I can see in the re-read it came out in the form of a memory vs. a creative nonfiction story.   i never know in advance which form my writing will take.  i start writing and honor what comes..


and we had an exceptionally good, cant-wait-to-get-back, wine tasting time at tenuta..    great crowd, wonderful wines, fun visits..

you will find FFL on all their corks:  Friends For Life.   -both the name of their wine club membership program and the very feel and vibe of the wine tasting room.


2 encounters worth special note:   Janette!  -in conversation she made the beautiful mistake of telling (me!)

(me!), Sandra the designer-paper, mixed media, mag time frame, scrapbbook, altered art, all things paper queen!

-that she  -SHE!-  is a paper-goods buyer/designer for Cost Plus World Market!

i nearly took off all my clothes.  but kept my manners and just exchanged contact information.


dear Jesus..  you know i could NOT resist!   -I'm pretty sure I've only done this like, 3 times in the ten years I've had my tattoo:

"... i did have to serve some time.  but that was quite a while ago..  i found Jesus and turned my life around..

..it wasn't any -one- thing..     more like a series of several bad things in a row.."

-and then he confessed serving time for cocaine..

but how can I know whether we were both BS'ing each other..?

But ...very fun regardless.

"Thank you Keeshie!...  Kerri.. Ruth...   Rich...  Ryan...  Janette...  fellow wine-tasting stranger-friends..

" salute!"


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