Thursday, January 07, 2016

Translator please. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):   "yes.. hi doc...  its your neighbor across the street at ricks picks.  i was wondering if you guys carry spickets.."

doc:   "im not sure I know what that is..  a spicket"

(me!):   "you know...  its that thing that connects to one of those ceramic jars where you get water from.."

doc:  "Hmm.  I'm still not sure I know what youre talking about"

(me!):   K.  You know those, like, ceramic containers, and then those 3 gallon water jugs..  and you pour it in..  the ceramic part..   but in order to actually get water it has to go through that thing..

doc: "can you take a picture and text it to me"

(me!):   "yes..  that might be easier... i can't figure out what I'm trying to say.   I'm pretty sure its called a spicket."


doc:   "oh!  no. We don't have any of those in the store..  but you should be able to order one online pretty easily."


and I don't have this verbatim of course, but the just of it for sure.  And he must have said the magic words,  

the two frickin' words I could not get out of my parched brain to save my own life:    water & dispenser.    

but once I had the magic words,  "voila!"



in actual English, my request would have sounded something like this:

"Hi doc.   do you guys carry spigots for water dispensers?"

-and it turns out I can very easily order one online.  so now I'm checking also for a sandra-speak translator...

   -but in the mean time I'd like to express my gratitude for the phone camera..   and doc's patient customer service from true value hardware.

In Jesus name,   -amen.   /   -which is,  you know, that one word you say, at the end of a prayer, or..  when you really feel like someone just said a truth that hit home with you..  that word you shout or sing, or..  whisper..  but its usually at the end, and sometimes when you really mean it..   or feel it, or agree, you say it twice...


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