Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Martian, by (andy weir!) and movie by (ridley scott!)

on monday night i stood in front of the redbox at the local Safeway and over-used my index finger sliding through movie selection after movie selection, with such a hunger to get lost in someone elses story.   ...slide... slide...slide...  


went home empty handed.

then last night  -without even asking or suggesting, my nephew sets up the tv  -somehow, and asks me if i want to watch the martian.

"Yes Please!".  -my sister gave it rave reviews..  -had seen it with Matt and so, he was watching for a second time.

-that's its own testimony; sitting through a movie more than once..

and  -DIRECT HIT!  ... 15 minutes in, I was aware 'this is so my kind of movie!'.  -glued.

very well directed; edited; executed...   great film! and im trusting, without knowing, that this film is up for something..  some big award/recognition at the upcoming oscars

~where you will be seeing (me!) on the red carpet with my russell crowe

once that movie gets made. 


and it would take more time and energy than I have to share in detail the variety of thoughts and imaginations this movie inspired in me throughout its beautiful unfolding, but

one:  -i remembered when the blogosphere opened..  and i was able to see..  there was a large population of people who DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW with the new potential of this platform..

essentially they just moved their writing and advertising and same rules/regulations.. same business models, same everything, from printed paper to a blog.

what a waste!

and in my imagination, i thought..  please.. if humanity is presented with the revolutionary opportunity to populate another planet..

please! do not let us just do all the same stupid things we are doing here. -staying the same but just moving to a new location.

please! let it serve as an opportunity to grow and evolve and do new and improved things...   

-for this I sure do frequently pray in Jesus name,  -amen.


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