Thursday, January 21, 2016

Been there, won that. -yes, (me!) sandra, tvgp

tall glass of water    -on the rock please.


the reason i declined the invitation is because..  well, it came to me, that saying.. 'Been there. Done that.'.   Only, I realized that the majority of the people in the group had not..   they were just arriving.

i knew in advance I'd be listening to story after story of people who are stuck.. 

and it is very important; -very important! that when we are stuck..

-not that we 'stick together' but rather

we aim to get un-stuck together.  but it just didn't seem fair, that they'd be sharing things like,

-divorce..  or the prelude to; or aftermath of.   because

'been there. won that.  -as in, the battle.  let's make that battle(s).

or, death or loss..  

'been there..'

or, addictions; self-doubt; bankruptcy; unexpected termination of employment or a relationship; betrayal by someone less evolved;

struggles of moving.. raising children..  victim of abuse of one form or another..  PTSD...

i am unstuck.    moving forward.   it is not that i am not without compassion or a desire to help.  I have both in great abundance.  It is in recognizing that in order to move forward..

I cannot sit for hours and hours listening to others who are..

trust me. I know. I remember. It is awful!

but the very best way I can actually be of help.  True help. Is to move forward into a new, improved, beautiful, peaceful and rewarding place so that you know..

It can be done.  No matter where you are stuck.  -because look from how deep and dark the pit was from which Gods love unburied & unstuck (me!)


so it passed through my imagination..  all these stories of woe..

and painful transitions; and very valid and justifiable anger and upset and confusion

and then me going like,  "well, I'm in transition too...

because I was living cash advance to cash advance, and then, pay check to pay check and now "I HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT!"

I hardly no what to do with all this money..  and when you are barely surviving, making financial decisions is pretty easy: food, gas, bills.. Obama-care

but when you have..  "Oh my good God! 
~money left over!   I have money left over!

?  -now what do I do?   -this is a very difficult transition, because I want to do it write.. 

and, I'm really scared too..  because, well, not only am I transitioning into a financially wealthy person, with all the decision-making skills & savvy that requires..

But I'm becoming famous too.  like, before all this..  I might do a reading or a workshop for maybe 200 people at the very, very, most..

but now..   !...    and, if you are an extrovert, this might be very exciting but if you are an introvert...  

-that's just a whole 'nother set of challenges I have to face..

Is anyone else here facing these challenges? -transitioning into a happy, healthy, grateful rich and famous person?


and in my imagination..  there was no one else in this particular group who was...

-and that just seem like a set-up for more awkward than amusing.

but I offer this:   I know a lot about painful transitions and a lot about getting stuck.  I'm practically an expert on all things sticky.
So, feel free to read and see just what it took:   because you too have

"the write to be free!"


and as each of you get unstuck, you are invited to join (me!) for a tall glass of pure water   ~on the rock.  in this group we don't talk too much about old times...

In Jesus keeps his promises name!   ~amen!


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