Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fake Basketball? as seen by (me!) -writeousmom.

(me!): "I'm STILL trippin'..  i can't get over how real..  the graphics! on your video basketball game..   it's like..

-if you look from a programmers perspective..    its like only 3 hours away from being unable to distinguish from..  a real basketball game..."

son:  "i know."

(me!):    "...and then.. like from an emotional, psychological perspective..  how crazy easy it is to get involved as if it is a real basketball game..  all the same investment and emotions.. reactions.."

son:  "yeah"

(me!):   "I was talking to your grandpa about it..  the programming"

son:  "what did he say?"

(me!):  "he said..  'That is all so far over my head!'. 

Son:   -laughs a little.

(me!):  " I guess...  well its kinda like getting lost in a movie..  the same thing..  you know its a movie, but you let yourself have the same reactions as if it were real..   or, you don't ~let~ yourself..  you just do have the same reactions..

son: "yes. its like a movie that you get to control.   -that's why they call it a video game."

(me!):  "oh."


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