Monday, January 18, 2016

"To the universe!" from (me!) sandra, tvgp

what happen, was i was walking down the kitchen aisle, write about near all the garlic presses, vegetable choppers, cheese slicers and ceramic peelers..

/"ceramic peelers!".  -remember that story?  Type the word in the search bar..  I don't have time to retell it..

anyway, I'm walking down the kitchen aisle and I rub my hands together, and say out loud, in the optimistic voice, volume and tone the good Lord has given me, I say..

"I'm gonna sell a couch today"

K.  -and julie applauds my declaration...

and very shortly thereafter, one guess what happens...

so, Julie says,  " -see! -you put that out to the universe and it happened"

-and that's a pretty awesome concept...  Oprah says it too..  "I spoke my success into being.."

So, I hurried back to the kitchen aisle..  because I still haven't quite figured out how all this works..

and tried to stand in about the same hot spot, and I said,

"I'm going to the Oscars with Russell crowe!".  -and I rubbed my hands together... 


then I stood there, in case the spot itself has some mystical powers, and I said,

" cure for cancer! end to human trafficking! equality for all people!  human beings actually evolving....


and the entire store is being redesigned write now.. so, I'm not sure where I should stand..

except I sure hope it is write next to Russell

My Russ..

Just wait til he sees the dress I have picked out!   ~Amen!


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