Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Night at the Oscars. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

hot. black. coffee.

K..   so, i have the recurring dream of being at the Oscars with Russell crowe,  -and very detailed visions of..   

...and my dress.

K..    and then, I also have recurring visions of rick Cahall in a tux at the Oscars, but he is always by himself

I've not been able to quite interpret this..  but I had rick on the phone some time ago and mentioned this to him..     Remember here, that rick Cahall is a retired San leandro police officer..

So he says to me,  -he says,  "nope. I'm never going to be at the Oscars or wearing a tux...    (Pause)

Unless I'm the security"


and this very morning, several weeks/months? post this conversation the answer finally came to (me!):

like, -of course!  if i am ever alone and within kissing distance of Russell crowe he is going to need some serious protection.


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