Tuesday, January 26, 2016

things you need to know about vision boards, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

1.   there are wildly successful people who never have and never will create a vision board.  

2.  there are wildly successful people who have

3.  there are people who have created vision boards but have never experienced direct results.

4.  if you are inspired or inclined toward creating a vision board, what this allows you to do is think about, and then SEE,  -maybe even share,  -what is INSIDE you..  what hopes, wishes, prayers and dreams...

the way a mirror reflects your physical, outward appearance and allows you to SEE what color your eyes and hair and skin are; etc.

is the same way a vision board reflects your hopes, wishes, prayers and dreams..

vision boards are a different type of mirror....   ;an internal mirror.

that said,   -yes, i have created one.  it was quite some time ago.  for a creative like myself, the process itself is very exciting

i used a large bulletin board.  colorful papers i had in my personal inventory..   images from the internet..   and blank CD covers! -which was my favorite of my ideas because it made my vision board interactive..  a visual image on the cover and supporting text on the inside.   i also LOVE being able to type in different colors and font styles as a way to better express...

/and I very much miss having this tool set easily accessible when I blog..  if it were available my stories would be each looking a little different..  a font to match, validate the mood; the experience..

anyway..  if you type the words

vision board in the search bar of this blog, it will provide access to a shutterfly slideshow of my vision board.

and it is true for (me!) that the visions on my board are in fact manifesting over time...

"thank you Jesus!".  ...and " thank you! " here also to Cindy fisher luck..  my life coach at the time who gave me this assignment...

!  creating this was a very joyful experience...


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