Monday, November 09, 2015

Reebok sponsored power lifting event.. as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i went solo, and the first area i could find to stand -since every seat was taken.. was at the very back.  disadvantage being short.. because tall people kept walking past me..  so, i watched kind of in between people and at a distance..    listened carefully to "and the lift was good" or..  "good attempt". -because my position prevented me from actually seeing.   and they announced by kilo.(foreign). and only occasionally by pounds (familiar)  so i didn't pay much attention to numbers; just ..

" 600 lbs..  are you for real?".  -i had the temporary good fortune of standing next to a gentleman who 'just flew in from missouri to see this event'

-he apparently had watched a you tube video called, bigger, stronger, faster..  that influenced his entry into the power lifting world.  his interest with a longer history, but he just got serious about 7 months ago.   -the brother of the man who created the bigger, stronger, faster video was competing at this event..  going for a new personal record, and i know him by name, because he received the most spirited cheers from the audience.. "Mark!   -go now mark!  you got this mark.."

-to witness first hand the maximum effort exerted by these humans. -it seem to me they tested the very and absolute limit of how much one can exert themselves without blood vessels literally breaking through the flesh

in any given moment I felt perhaps I just might witness that very thing:  flesh tearing like..    fabric rips.   the strain of every lift caused rainbows of exclusively red in every hue to appear on their faces: slightly flushed.. red... darker red...  almost purple

"Oh my God.. his veins are going to explode!".  -but they never did.

"... and the lift was good..."

the event lasts like all day, and i arrived after squats, during bench, and before dead lifts.  i was just in time to see our family friend do the third and last of his bench lifts.   and when the gentleman who flew in from Missouri asked me who I was there to see..  and I said, Chris Lampson..

He said, "Chris Lampson..  very Strong, I saw him do squats.. Very strong, especially for 43 years old.."

there were quite a high number of men competing, so I felt impressed he would recognize and remember Chris by name, strength and age..

i was keeping my eye out for a seat to open the whole time I was standing..  checking empty seats now and then only to find they had jackets on them: saved/reserved.   -back to the back then for me...

but blessings awaited because on my very next check for an empty seat, another kind gentleman offered the seat next to him.  -and this one free seat was in the second row back and on the end!  -jackpot!

-but not just for the highly improved visual access to the power lifters, but because the gentleman who offered the seat is.. "Uncle mike"

-that is, he is the uncle of Bryce Hansen:


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