Wednesday, November 04, 2015

speaking of cupcakes... for (me?!) sandra, tvgp

owner of a new cupcake shop in town, -write around the corner from ricks picks, came by with this 6 pack friendly introduction

~during my shift, thank you Jesus.

after we introduced ourselves, i told her, same thing i just blogged about only a day ago:  "i know my cupcakes; and i know my frosting"

and another thing i know:   i know my packaging.

and i must be candid here, or why else bother.  i know i can't change the world, exactly..  but if i could just change this..

obnoxiously loud and unnecessarily difficult to open plastic packaging.   -sometimes, when im not having a cupcake for breakfast, i like to sneak one around..  midnight.

but when i did..  not only did i wake up everyone in my own household, but a neighbor came knocking on my door wanting to know what i was eating, was it a cupcake, and could he have one too.

so, let's start there, with my self-imposed and completely very voluntary new-cupcake-in-town review:

all desserts, snack and/or junk food should be packaged in very quick n' easy to open and stealthily quiet wrappers.  

and may i digress here to share one of our famous family stories which my mom likes to share from back in the day, when she was still married to our dad...   -how he was supposed to be on some diet for one reason or another, and he tried to sneak a hostess twinkie..     and he hid in the bathroom, and even went as far as trying to flush the toilet, while he unwrapped the twinkie, in hopes this would drown out the sound

-but still got caught red handed.

so, let that serve as the test for all dessert packaging: if you can hear the unwrapping over the sound of a toilet flushing; start over/try again.

and, i imagine this would also dramatically increase candy sales at the movies.  who hasn't been shushed by the crowd when they accidentally open their box of m&M's during a great scene?  -and it is exactly during the great scenes when you need m&M's with your popcorn...

the less noise; the more sales.

i cannot believe no one has figured this out yet.

anyway..   back to the free
6 different varieties pack of cupcakes from our new lovely and generous  downtown neighbor:

"booo!" to the fake frosting.   the cupcakes themselves, 5 stars..

but i have a laypersons vocabulary when it comes to frosting, and in one finger swipe and lick i can determine

real frosting or fake.

now, what i mean by real is:  buttercream.  MmmMMMmmmmm.

and what i mean by fake is: anything not buttercream.  -blechk!

and ive had it explained to me two ways, this whole fake frosting epidemic

1. its healthier.   -k,  healthy cupcakes.. can't argue with the facts.  but whenever i take a bite of a so called healthy cupcake with fake frosting i just end up spitting it out, and getting a real one.. so, we have a wash on that one i guess..

2. it is easier to decorate, artistically, with fake frosting than real.

-now, as an artist myself, i offer empathy here.. i understand the value of having the best creative tools and resources for creating your mini masterpieces, but!

-at the expense of taste, flavor and mouth feel?! 

i suppose there are actually people out there who prefer a healthy, pretty cupcake to a delicious one, but it is not (me!)

sweet, messy, real..  that's what i love in a cupcake.   and there were two out of the six that i went wild for..

the other four i gave to my neighbor as a way of apologizing for waking him again at midnight.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger SHE said...

is anyone thinking it was selfish of me to bring the cupcakes home instead of sharing them with my coworker friends? -the opposite is true. I have coworker friends who can't eat sugar.. need to limit intake, or on specific diets, -diabetes.. etc.

so, it was out of love i took them home.

-for real.


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