Sunday, November 01, 2015

a prayer for e.o. wilson -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

his wish; my prayer:   an online data base of every single living thing on the planet.

-so, for example..   i could take a picture of this spectacular green creature with which i had a very unexpected encounter,

and image recognition software alone, would recognize and identify it for me:  grass hopper or.. praying mantis?  -most importantly.. friend, enemy or neutral toward humans?

here's my guess, from childhood memories:  praying mantis.  -cuz it seems big..   but now,   I think praying mantis' are..  have smaller heads? more distinct in shape?  in proportion to their body..?

-not sure.. but in my much younger days, my brother could talk me into letting these crawl on my arm.. and we probably would name it, and try and feed it mustard grass..  dipped in sugar water..   be fascinated for a while, then let it return to the wild..

and if it didn't make it.. we might create a cross from popsicle sticks, find a place to bury it in the yard..  have a ceremony.

it is the praying mantis, like the black widow..?

female eats the head off the male after mating.   -which i am sometimes convinced is the only sure fire way to prevent infidelity.

"..and there were no more women after her..  she was the only one!"


and now, i am with a strong desire to research this further, but when i consider the shock n awe graphic images that might accompany a grasshopper vs praying mantis search on the internet..

i lose all interest.  


but this e.o. wilson..   ive gotta chase his wild wish with one of my ambitious prayers...


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