Monday, November 09, 2015

Reebok power lift experience cont.

-and in fact, my seat, second row back/on the end, placed me not just write next to Bryce's uncle ... but surrounded by his aunt, sibling, cousins, parents... the Hansen's, Castro's and hastings..  !

and an awesome Christian family they turn out to be!   -plus, highly attractive..  I mean,  you cant help but notice..

anyway, the story is much longer, as all human stories are, but..

Bryce Hansen  -who "thank you!" -served as a marine, -has only one leg.  21 years old, and lost his leg at age 19.  -not in war combat as we all first imagine and project; but on the front lines of life itself, which many people fail to recognize is its own battlefield.

the way his uncle shared it, he was hit by a car..  a yong woman who failed to stop when she should have..   and, sounded like the accident itself didn't claim his leg, but a misdiagnosis on the part of the doctors.  "Had they transfered him to balboa in San Diego, like they should have, he would still have both legs.."

-the whole thing just breaks my heart..  as it would anyone, -write. But I sure am impressed with where Bryce arrived spiritually on the multiple mistakes of others which cost him his leg:

"Life isn't over. It just got harder.".   -and there he was: in his very first able-bodied competition...  lifting like the rest of them... testing the limits.. exceeding expectations, inspiring the masses..

I feel very blessed i got to cross paths with this family..  and see Bryce..  

and equally blessed to see Chris Lampson, and meet his family for the first time..

Chris.. if I can briefly reintroduce.. Is the one, who,  -25-ish years ago, used to live in the same apartment complex in San leandro, as me and my sister..   Argyle apartments..

and who we have not seen since really...   he moved away/we moved away... and it was not until earlier this year that I received an email asking,  'do you remember me..?'.    -and learned he is living in our same town! with a son attending the same school as...

and so we've all reconnected..   and, I realize..  in the human constellations: I would not be at this Reebok power lifting event, without having been neighbors with Chris 25-ish years ago...  and other sequence of events..

anyway.. he did awesome!  -strong in squats, which I missed, and  "lift was good" for the bench I got to see..

and two out of three for the dead lifts!   Plus..  come on..  The tuxedo shirt..   How extra handsome..  You can't help but notice...

and not only is he strong, and attractive and kind and all that, but

please check my blog for the best red velvet cake ever! -from scratch people!   -he is a master in the kitchen also..

"Thank you!" Chris.. for this very new, and very inspiring experience

I am a fan!   


...and the warriors won... and Ohio buckeyes won... and the Oregon ducks won...  and Chris, and Bryce, and mark, and Jesse Norris won..     

-k, but the raiders... and the dons..   -next time!

-this is my official report from my very own wide world of sports...  amen.


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