Thursday, February 05, 2015

Super soul sundays (dr. Maya angelou!) As seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Of course I have to release and honor a few tears..  But!  It is one of the best!! Super soul sunday interviews and I've only just seen part I. Part II is not until this sunday..    Almost everything is a revisit for me I've been listening to; reading; watching her for so long..

But worth mentioning is this:   everyone she remembers, acknowledges, mentions when she talks about who she thought of when she received her freedom medal from President Barack Obama.

I will come back with actual.. For now, from memory:  she mentions African Americans, Chinese, Irish, Indians, Jews,. Long list!

AS THERE ACTUALLY IS A LONG and DIVERSE LIST of people ALL AROUND THE WORLD from the begining and to this current day! who have and are suffering oppression, injustice, violence, slavery, exploitation, etc

This brings me to the movie SELMA.  the movie  my 17year old daughter said moved straight to the top of her favorite movies of all time list..

but which I wouldn't have bothered to see at all if she hadnt wanted to.  Here's why:

I'm nearly 50 years old. I've seen/read/been exposed to versions of this same story over and over and over..

seen by mature minds it increases compassion.
Seen by immature minds it instigates and increases  anger, violence, hatred, and vengeful behavior on innocent people today for wrongs committed by long time ago others.

It continues to be my opinion and belief that as it is -2015!-

NO story of oppression/slavery/injustice, etc

NOT ONE! Not of blacks or Jews or women or gays or Indians or Egyptians..  Not ONE should be told in isolation from the others

We have a very clear pattern in human history

Neon flashing bright lights:  Holocausts, genocides, slavery..apartheid

ALL begin with evil; violence, oppression.  But the evil and violence and oppression do not prevail; freedom wins! Peace wins!

In every situation this is already true.  -what is the pattern?

Can it be expedited?  Can we recognize the evil more quickly? Respond more efficiently?   We surely know our goal:

World wide peace. Respect for all human beings.

Dr Maya Angelou clearly arrived at this same realization/conclusion..

I am not the only one (race) who has suffered..    She acknowledges the pattern..

One more reason to love and admire her...    



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