Thursday, May 09, 2013

A CENSUS OF A DIFFERENT KIND a poem, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

written for, and read at: pleasanton city council meeting, may 7th, 2013. my official appointment as poet laureate. thank here, my daughter for attending with me.. and apologize to my son for missing his game. and it was another exciting one! 11 innings.. lost by one, i think. but win/lose, no matter to me.. i love watching you play.



 my mental indigestion
is from this burning question:

of the 71 thousand~ish
8 hundred, ~round a bit
71 people in pleasanton

how many poets live here write now?

how many magical, mysticals
who find words irresistible

how many poets live here write now?

if i wanted the exact number; how?

how many swimmers, dancers, scientists, architects
 how many painters, sketch artists and singers?
how many entrepreneurs? hand craftin' brewers?
farmers, teachers and actors?

how many kids love to play sports?
not how many can afford to play sports! how many can vs. do?
how many did God give this ability to?

not meeeee

i can't act. i can't sing. i duck from balls. i fall from swings.
pen to paper; that's my thing.

i'm not at all curious what your household is worth
what color your skin, how many live births

where do i go for what i need to know
to what url do i go?

i dont want to see past income and skin
i want to dive a little deeper in...

i want to see the most beautiful population graph in the world!

i know i'm not the only one
who finds words so beautiful and reading fun

and there's a poetry group on wednesdays
and a reading somewhere tonight
but the poets, they are too splintered
to get the number just write

how many poets live in pleasanton write now?

if i was desperate to know; how?

it's not at   -that site's based on money; not love.


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