Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LETTER OF INTRODUCTION from (me!) sandra, tvgp, slash, PLEASANTON POET LAUREATE 2013-2015

i'm going to start by explaining what that means:  sandra, tvgp.   i've been using it for years..   stands for: Tri Valley Gypsy Poet.  used to be, ttgp:  the traveling gypsy poet; but really, i do very little traveling, so adapted it accordingly.  how did that get started?  well, i hope rob campbell doesn't mind me using his business card as an example..  crossed paths with him, and his wife lisa (amador high school PTA president) recently at wente vineyard in livermore,   they treated our group to a bottle of wine..  "thank you!"  -only, my point is this:  upon reading his business card, you will find many letters:  Robert D Campbell, M.S., C.E.G, R.E.A. II, Q.S.D.   -for real.  he is a "Principal Geologist" for GeoSolve, Inc. here in Pleasanton -and therefore, i have no idea what all those letters stand for, but it is exactly business cards like his that i've received or found over the years that inspired my  sandra, tvgp.  -because..  well, that's what i am. that's what i do. and that's where you'll find me 90% of the time; somewhere here in tri valley, california.

i've been very recently appointed pleasanton's 8th poet laureate, and thank quickly: charlotte severin for the nudge call, connie post (livermore's 1st poet laureate) & deborah grossman (pleasanton's 6th poet laureate)and charlotte again for letters of recommendation; everyone on the selection committee, the civic arts commission  -and in advance; pleasanton city council.  -also, each of you fellow poets who have emailed me a letter or quick note of congratulations & encouragement.

i'm in the process now of planning events, workshops, readings, shows, etc. and welcome your suggestions, ideas, wishes, dreams, which you can email to me at: writeousmom@comcast.net

one of my goals (besides making poetry front page news) is just to shine the spotlight a little brighter, and a little longer, on all the great poets, and poetry events taking place write now in our community:  let me start with these three:

1. "CONGRATULATIONS!" to marilyn slade!  (we performed together when deborah grossman created/hosted the laugh out loud poetry event at the century house several years ago... love her!)  anyway..  marilyn's poem has been selected for inclusion in las positas' upcoming annual anthology.  -wonderful honor! and..  it is the same poem she read at pleasanton's 4th of July celebration after winning a themed contest about the civil war created/hosted by cynthia bryant.   -likely i'll be following in cynthia's footsteps, creating another contest, and our mariyn slade is write here officially recruited to judge.  (read it first in the patch...)

2.  artist/poet, claudette mcdermott, is non-stop with wonderful opportunities/gatherings/readings for local poets of all ages and skill levels:  she founded the, pleasanton poetry league, which gathers on the 1st and 3rd wednesday evenings at the corner bakery cafe at the new gateway plaza.  you are invited! to learn more contact claudette at:  poetryoncanvas@mac.com

3. DEADLINE MAY 22ND, 2013 for poetry enteries at the alameda county fair.  ca$h prize$.

and pleasanton is blessed to have two beautiful, talented teen poet laureates, who you
may already, or really should know.

want/need the spotlight on your poetry related event?  let me know:  writeousmom@comcast.net

good luck! and remember...  you are always, at all times; write where you belong.

love, sandra, tvgp

pleasanton poet laureates:  1999-2001: charlene villella.  2001-2003:  jim ott.  2003-2005: kirk ridgeway
2005-2007: cynthia bryant.  2007-2009: martha meltzer.  2009-2011:  deborah grossman.   2011-2013: cynthia bryant.  2013-2015:  (me!). 


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