Sunday, March 10, 2013

NAKED a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

ORIGINAL POST 03/20/2011:

** **

when i say i want to see you naked

i don't mean without your clothes, stupid.

i mean

without the props. left stage. stage left.

away from the scenery you've painted all around you, to influence your pedestrian audience; fork-feed your ego.

i mean

i want to see you

under pressure
off balance
in a fix

i want to see what direction you look when i back you in my corner

and the expression your beautiful human face takes -from down on your knees.

i want to see you in nothing but vulnerability

with your health taxed, and wealth in question.

when God spills hot coffee on your masterpiece.

i know you lie.

we all do.

but i want to see under what circumstance; to who; for how long...

i want to see you

i want to see you naked

and alone

disconnected from every false sense of security

faced with the fact


despite your every pre-conquered fear
and grand spectrum of dark, wobbly, confidences

i love you

and want to see you naked

like me.


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