Monday, July 09, 2012

DRININ' & DANCIN' WITH MY CHARLIE ROSE, yeah, (me!) sandra, tvgp

i'm failing here to keep this a big secret. -my dinner with charlie rose

the most gracious tv host in tv land

this saturday!

/that is.. if he says yes when i make my way up on the stage and ask him


"thank you!" here to miracle mom -kathy cordova, for sending me the link which creates my next "thank you!" to ms/mh

for purchasing us the tickets.

charlie rose -write here in my own

well, maybe not my own~my own.. but, in my friend's backyard.


in my imagination, when i mention, charlie rose, everyone should be as familiar with his name as oprah's

but what i've found out

is there are a whole lotta people missin' out on PBS

"people! it should be on your favorites; dvr'd!"

so then when i mention our dinner, dancing date, people say, "who is charlie rose anyway? and i thought you already have a boyfriend.."

and i'm like.. "how can you not know charlie rose! -and he's not the kind of man who can be summed up in a few words..

you have to see for yourself.


and apparently, you need to see several programs before you catch on..

my handsome prince watched a couple with me -an interview with the ceo of the corporation he works for, for example..

and one with 4 powerful women being interviewed

and one with 4 talented men..

and i don't think we can continue in our relationship unless he watches the 12 part brain series with me...

but anyway..

you'd think, after witnessing several hours of charlie at the big round oak table, that he'd know better than to..

well, here's what happened:

my handsome prince occasionally watches the news in spanish, because he knows i won't permit the news to be on if i'm in the same room with the television set -and he figures if i can't understand what they're sayin' then he's safe

but just as love has a universal sound, no matter the language, when it comes to music

so does the news [operation spanish news: FAIL]


he points to this spanish speaking woman on tv who is chatting up a spanish storm and says to me, "she is like the charlie rose of [whatever the station is]."



then he went on to say, she only interviews celebrities.

"well, there you have it then don't you," i told him, "charlie rose interviews the greatest minds on our planet! the greatest scientists, the greatest architects, the greatest (and worst) world leaders! the greatest coaches! the greatest writers! the greatest teachers! greatest ceo's! PLUS! pop culture celebrities

and! commercial free! no live audience! -it's just him.. and his guests, around a cool oak table having a conversation.. an uninterrupted conversation!" i felt compelled to point out

and maybe i didn't say it exactly like that, or in that order.. but i was thinkin' it!

and i set him straight! with my thoughts.

no blow job for you tonight mister

but, on the other hand, he did get the tickets...

* = stupid rules i learned in school:

what person -who?! i ask you -came up with the stupid rule that A should be AN if the next word in the sentence begins with a vowel

i mean really!?

i say we end that silliness write here and now. we need grammar rules to join us in the 21st century

we've just had an earthquake

like, i just experienced an earthquake! -so, notice how i just slipped that N write back in

on the in~case.

not sure who i pissed off

let me take a guess -/and you KNOW it's a guess, because the news is definitely not on in this room

3.8 (?)

until the unknown next time....

"i love you! ~everyone!"


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Love this post! Stupid new Facebook settings-I just got your message today. Would love to see Charlie Rose with you. Email me at xoxoxo,Kathy


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