Monday, July 09, 2012

"RE-RELEASED!". The earthquake stories, by, (me!) sandra, tvgp

So, as mentioned before. - I-pad punctuation/grammar victim today. Spelling errors my own. *** So, as mentioned before, my over 1,532 posts are on hold while I court agents for our upcoming NYT best-seller, "SQUIDMANN & she Hold = " reverted to draft form" here @ e-blogger. That's a relatively new feature and I'm most grateful for it. Used to be you could save, publish, or delete. - but not really, unpublish/save simultaneously. If you unpublished it automatically deleted. So, very happy with the revert to draft option. But! now, let's say, I want to "republish" one of my stories. Rather than having it reappear according to the date it was originally written, it automatically appears as if it is a brand new blog post that day. It places the current date on top, with no mention of the original date it was written, EXCEPT that is, if you print put a hard copy, in which case, current (false) date is at the top, and original (true) date is found on very bottom along with the URL, etc. I'd like to see this corrected. I'd still also like to see the same creative options provided to comment-ors as are provided to the post-ers. That is, I'd love to sometimes comment with a picture vs. Text. But that's not currently available. if I want to include a picture or video, I have to post on my own blog and then link it in comments. All that said. /or typed, rather.. Today. Write now. I'm going to re-publish my two favorite California earthquake stories.


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