Thursday, May 21, 2020

Miracle in Progress for (me!) sandra, tvgp

I keep repeating... "it is not an inappropriate use of the word MIRACLE!"    -to be the recipient of the gift of time, energy, purpose, help from Robert..   and day by day..   stack here, pile there..   sort, shred or file:  

I can hardly believe my eyes.. to see the top of this chest again!


and want to speak briefly here about human memory storage again.   as mentioned earlier, Robert helped me organize 15 years worth of writings by month and year.   also:  miracle! 

but what I will end up doing, ultimately, is re-organizing by subject/event/person/topic

because if I want to find, the calaveras, story for example

I have not, do not lock in, the day/time/year; I lock in, 'calaveras'

if I want to find my daughter's report card, or son's art work

I am never
have never, most likely will never think first of the date/year..

I will just have a file by name/subject, and be able to go write to it.

I have been encouraged by recent requests to find a few things for others..

and, having done the organizing we have so far, was able to lickity-split go write to it!

it is just as wonderful and gratifying as I imagined it would be.

Praise God!   Thank Jesus!

simultaneous to being organized and decluttered; I have chipped away also at an annoying debt..

simultaneous to chipping away at an annoying debt, 

I have increased my physical exercise, with Robert and I taking regular walks


as I prayed would be true from the onset of the shelter in place  

we will come out on the other side stronger, better!   and i'm not sure what God has in store next...

but we will be ready.


hallelujah & amen


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