Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May The Best Dream Come True! for (me!) sandra, tvgp

"May the best dream come true!"


I heard that yesterday.. on the radio.. I think it was a commercial for the lottery..


loved it!  "May the best dream come true!"


because as you know, I've had many

I have many write now


I wonder if this is the best one:

We perform Kissin' The Chocolate Blues again

per conversation with Fred Alim, Ohlone College

and!  not a dream.. I really did just run into/cross paths with The Faith Alpher!   and asked her

"on a scale from 1 to 10, how interested would you be to perform again in Kissin' The Chocolate Blues and she said, 


back to dream then..

It's back on stage:   Faith, me..   Jessica..

only, of course in my dream, KT Tunstall! herself

but of course, because I am so inclusive by nature

Jessica AND KT Tunstall!   -which would be awesome for Jessica, wouldn't it

and this helps us pack the house..  all the way to the Royal Albert Hall...


the write person, and/or people see the performance -and all its full potential

and then WE TRAVEL around the WORLD!

Performing, performing, performing..

Standing ovation after standing ovation..

and my sexy ..   and me..

we support each other, like Dave/Joyce Meyers..

we visit each area, taking in the restaurants, and entertainment, and local attractions
and every garden, botanical landscape, park..

walking, biking, hiking, driving

picnics, and people..   sights and sounds..

and we enjoy full cast parties..   events...

and turn every performance in a new place into a romantic adventure of one kind or another

and we all do things together, 

Faith and her husband/family..

Jessica/her loved ones, 

KT Tunstall/her loved ones..

producers.. agents..   etc.

but very most importantly

% proceeds go to Joyce Meyer Ministries

for A21..

 -remember, how I told you Christine Cain is like the Harriett Tubman of our generation..

and Joyce Meyer and I know the same God

and I am a devoted student of hers FOR LIFE!    /both definitions apply


and I was rememberin, an earlier dream that brought me to Atlanta, Georgia by myself..

working for former President Jimmy Carter, 

based on this knowledge, 


now that ive met Robert my sexy.. and I'm very much in love..

and exactly because I loathe all public speaking

with the only and exclusive exception of Kissin' The Chocolate Blues..

probably because I do not need to memorize, or speak spontaneously

I get to read my truth..


the common denominator of all my dreams does address this issue:

human trafficking.


whether I help directly

or through funding..

I just want to help




yes,   I love that saying..

May The Best Dream Come True

~hallelujah and amen.


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