Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Come to the Table... a song i recommend... (me!) sandra, tvgp

in the conversation, the young man shared with (me!)..  that his father,

"he will never talk about his childhood or his past with us"      /us = children/siblings.


of course, I said with a smile, I said, "my children face the opposite problem...   I've told them everything, and probably a lot they'd rather not know"


but I wondered.. about that silence..   what makes a parent uncomfortable sharing; how the kids know what topics are off limits, etc.


what reasons?   could be painful, and the parent does not want to personally re-visit..    could be shameful.. and the parents just don't want to admit/confess..    could be protective...     could be counter-productive to share based on how the parent guesses the child will respond...


I don't know with this particular child/parent..


but, let me project that the cause is shame.     -of which I know quite a lot about.. like, phD level..

I would recommend then,

Isaiah   -reading this book in the bible; very powerful

I have personally transcended any/all shame I once knew intimately, chronically, intensely well for a great many years

    and may I pause just a moment, with my predictable fascination

how do I know i'm feeling shame  -what mechanism inside me?    and I know, that I have transcended it..   utterly and completely..    by what mechanism?

anyway..    who has the time and energy these days to read an entire book in the bible..   write

but you might have time to listen to this song:

come to the table by sidewalk prophets


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