Friday, December 15, 2017


original post 01/02/2010


re-post inspired by visit with neighbor, Debbie, who collects coca cola ladies, and who watches turner classics movies.


feel a certain magical synchronicity going on

something romantic in the air...

only fairly recently became a fan of [turner classic movies, channel 501, in my area]

and then add on, a recent spontaneous visit with my aunt june vaughn (my mom's brother's wife),

where my mom had printed/shared a filmography for robert foulk

and then i re-learned, in a way, robert foulk and barbara slater are my aunt june's parents -both now deceased, but what a legacy!

him, an american actor performing in too many classic films to name, but a very impressive list here: ROBERT FOULK

and her, a beautiful robert powers model and television/movie actress -seen here: BARBARA SLATER

but gets better, because...

tomorrow, sunday jan 3rd, 2010, they both appear, in seperate movies, on the same day on him, in the love bug (1968), as bice, and her in blue skies, uncredited, as myrtle. -now you can't learn that type of information

if your brain works like mine

without finding it very romantic.


and while i don't know their life stories very well, i can tell you, with great certainty and awe, that their combined talent, creative spark and attractiveness were indeed passed on to their daughter, my aunt june, and her children, my cousins

everyone is gorgeous, tall and highly creative in their own unique ways


  bragging writes:  (me!) with my aunt june & uncle bill.    google:  bill and june Vaughn pottery.


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