Tuesday, December 05, 2017

And win by 10 they did! "WARRIORS!"

my brother called it very early...   "win by 10..."

and it sure didn't look like it, in the 1st & 2nd..

not even at the end of the third..

and even in the last minute or two.. it flipped, it dipped..

but final score:

125 - 115.

and we won!  -because, how blessed to hang out together
this unexpected, unplanned family time
and watch the Warriors  -together.

/with great service & food at buffalo wild wings.

almost forgot where I was..  until the game ended, and I headed back into the parking lot
where the temp was like,  15, and I could see my every breath..

"you are not in California anymore Dorothy.."

In Jesus turns us spiritually white as fresh fallen snow's name   -amen.


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