Tuesday, December 05, 2017

...let's get back to my robert... /she says with a big smile...

where were we?    wherever it was..  it was getting pretty hot, and God knows I'm not good at self-pacing, so..   we are apart for several weeks

but text and talk daily.


so, politically; opposites, with the mutual ability to listen to each other's perspectives, go like,

"mmm hmmm, I see"    and "didn't know that.. "     and "that's not my experience, but.."

and then we both land at the same place after our conversation.

           /in bed.

 -because, its exhausting, those political conversations..    what were you thinking?


the thing we have in common is Christianity.    and that is usually what I lead with when I share with anyone,

and everyone,   -about meeting Robert..

"He is a Christian,  -Single,  Father of two,  Deputy, great work ethic, phenomenal cook,  -sexy as heck..      add the dance moves..     the smile, the laugh.."

but, I have never had it in my mind, that I must date a Christian..     ive always thought I have enough faith for myself, my family, my friends, and a countless number of total atheist strangers..

but the JOY! of dating a Christian, is that we speak the same language..   we have the same vocabulary; understanding

so, in our conversations when words/phrases like, faith, hope, love; belief, salvation, mercy, forgiveness, blessing, favor, anointing, testing, temptation, God's signature, Jesus, savior, gratitude, service, humility, the pit, the enemy, the devil, rescued/restored, consecrated, sanctified, baptized, holy spirit, yoke,

hallelujah, amen..  

...long list...

but when any of these words/phrases come up..   there is no explanation needed; no convincing; no persuading

no arguments; no debates

just mutual understanding.     and, I do still pride myself on the ability to communicate in both secular and Christian..

but, how much easier..     we do already speak the same spiritual language.    it's beautiful.

and it is speaking that same spiritual language;  -as our primary language, if you will; our Holy Mother Mary Tongue..

that allows us,  I believe,  to respectfully communicate on other issues, where we do not see eye to eye..

/but end up lip to lip.


oh!   have I mentioned how wonderful...       the kissing!

"thank you Jesus!"    -amen.


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