Tuesday, February 02, 2016

"Are you a Christian?". asked (me!) sandra, tvgp

-check out who i asked this question without knowing in advance who he was...


what happen was i noticed a small crowd gathering outside the store, so i went to investigate why..

and WOW..  my phone camera doesn't do it justice, but there was a huge, gorgeous, very vibrant rainbow..  and, actually a double rainbow, with the second one less vibrant but still visible also..

everyone was clicking to capture a picture.   and a wife and husband i recognized by face as ricks picks customers were passing by and stopped..    we took a second to agree about how beautiful it was and then    -because i know it carries a different and more significant meaning for Christians than say, seculars or agnostics or aetheists, etc.  I asked the husband, because he was standing closest to me, "are you a Christian?"

and when he said yes, i said "God keeps his promises!"

and then he said, "...what promises are those?"

and ill-prepared for a follow-up question; it was just a comment, i said, "....all things are possible with God...   

...and, i'll tell you the promise i hold on to the most!... 

-all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called to his purposes..."

and i added, "a reminder of God's covenant with his children.."

and he said, "..that he made after what?"

and then i was like...    ?...    "i don't know..  you got me on that one.."

and he tried to politely guide and help me to remember and answer correctly but i had nothin'

so he kindly and generously offered,  "..after the flood."

"Ooohhh yeah,   -after the flood..   that's write...  thank you.."

and we spent a little bit longer exchanging conversation, his wife, himself and i

and a little longer admiring the rainbows... 

and before he left he handed me his business card:

Biblical Counseling

Ed Beuerman

...  so, um, yes..  I guess you can safely say he is a Christian.  

and safely say..  i am not as bible literate as i will be...

"one day!"

ive looked the passage up on more than one occasion  -the rainbow as a symbol of Gods covenant

but i dont have it retained/locked in my memory.   what is locked in: God keeps his promises

and one of those promises is:   God CAN & WILL work ALL things

-which includes TRAUMA, SUFFERING, DEATH and EVIL

and he CAN and WILL use it for GOOD for those who love him and are called unto his purpose...  /and I don't have memorized which passage that is either; I just know its in there...

"Thank you Jesus!".  -amen.


the music i hear in my mind when I see a rainbow is not a church hymn..   it is Stevie wonder's "...ribbon in the sky for our love...


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