Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thoughts on turning 50.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

as i have said before..  "i am in my spiritual prime!". i am only and exclusively thrilled.  i have zero attachment to my youth.

but i do like to say for fun.. that for (me!)../ i am one of those people who feels like their real life did not start until after i had children.

so;  by that calendar, i am finally turning 18 and just now an adult by legal standards.


i stopped getting 'fresh coats of paint'  -that is, dying my hair.  or rather having my hair dyed by professionals..   when? i did not write it down and have not kept track..

but i am just allowing the gray to come in naturally..   slowly transitioning in front of everyone.. 

my favorite conversation..    and i must point out here, that this inspires MANY conversations,  as i am a woman in my 2016 California culture going gray , apparently some type of social suicide;   but entirely accepted and common for men..

and to really drive that point home; just how counterculture it is for a woman to go without dying her hair to hide the gray at the tender, and very young age of 50!?!

this act of absolute incomprehensible rebellion inspires more conversations than the tattoo on my face!    anyway..

 one of my favorite conversations was this:

him:    ".. there is something different...  your hair..."

(me!):   " i am welcoming in my crown of splendor..."

him:   "..  i like the way you worded that..  crown of splendor..  naturally a poet would come up with that..."

(me!):   "..those are not my words..  its in the bible"

him:   "...  oh, no one ever reads that book.. you can claim those words your own."


and that gave me the internal giggles the rest of the day...


Proverbs 16:31


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