Wednesday, February 03, 2016

1st runner up... as read by (me!) sandra, tvgp

wild life encounters on the way to school and work.  the sight of these always trigger the two same memories that i recently tried not to repeat out loud but did anyway;

the first memory is just how, with my children, when they were younger,  -we would give each other imaginary points for i-spying different things during walks and drives:   if i remember correctly, you got 25 points per wild turkey.  so, like, on this morning, "100 imaginary points!"

and the 2nd memory i tried and failed not to mention out loud was how the wild turkey was almost America's first bird, instead of the bald eagle.   Very entertaining reading if you just type turkey vs. bald eagle in google search.

from a layperson neuroscience perspective; sure is challenging to override auto-memory programming; initial associations created in the landscape of our brains. 


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