Sunday, December 20, 2015

U.T.I. of snowden, rall & others.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

oh! i could write for days, months! on end..  but let me share another one of my fantasies.  it goes like this:

5 years after a new community of houses were built, with..  "Free smart TV's!". and preinstalled " fire alarms!" In every room, and

/post a terrible/tragic mysterious odor that killed,

"Free! detectors in every room! -so you don't killed too!"

5 years after this heavily populated neighborhood exists,  a neighborhood meeting

mandatory neighborhood meeting is held.   the spokesperson says

"statistics pointed to the possibility that 1 in every 7 children were being abused in one form or another: sexually, verbally, emotionally and often all three.

we have randomly spied inside each of your households over the past several years.  -those of you who know you are guilty please step forward now and your sentence will be reduced.

do not bother running out the door..   

-those of you who are innocent, " thank you!".  please forgive the invasion of your privacy, -for it has been for a very good cause.


the innocent people are outraged...   retracing in their minds and imaginations, everything that may and probably was SEEN

but then, start receiving letters, gifts, cards, flowers, from children who have been saved and spared...  

rehabilitation is made available for abusers...

and the tragic statistics from that meeting forward show a sharp, dramatic decline of victims.


-entirely different page, -what is the quote?   -has to do with lower level employees responsible for reporting crimes to the very people who are responsible for the crimes themselves

-there are so many traps it is hard to calculate..  

we are living in times which clearly divide between

see-ers and the seen.   coders and the coded.

-there is a trap there too:   you want to observe authentic behavior but authentic behavior evaporates via observation.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger SHE said...

in other alarming statistics we learn, that of the people doing the spying under the goal of protecting innocent children.. a certain percentage of them are corrupt and sell the spy footage for a profit..

in my fantasies, -they get caught too.

in my wild fantasies.. criminals and corrupt people get caught, and innocent people get protected/healed/set free...

in even wilder fantasies.. the criminals and corrupt are ultimately healed..

i think we can all safely agree, i have some pretty wild fantasies..


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