Friday, December 18, 2015

Weakening my resolve.. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

-you must understand.. quite sincerely.. i think you are in the market for the "Betty homemaker" type you very mistakenly projected on me.. 

and, quite sincerely, knowing there might be a nice

-steak!  oh my..  steak ...    steak dinner...    

in it for me.  i wanted to spare you the waste of time and money, because, i am very far from the woman of your dreams..

but.. if you keep insisting on bringing me delicious desserts like that fresh baked cinnamon coffee cake.. 

im going to lose my resolve.    but the forecast is as follows:

wonderful steak dinner...  delightful conversation...

and eventually we each learn we are looking to have needs met that the other cannot fulfill..  

stop being nice to me!  well,  i mean,  stop weakening my resolve with desserts..   it will cost you a dinner and gain you nothing.

but "thank you!" and please tell mary her baking is..   

weakening my resolve.


Jesus...    the last steak dinner i had was like, in..  2012!


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